Museo della Carta, Pescia Paper Museum

Paper has been made in Pescia since the 1500s and the historic Magnani mill has now become a fascinating museum documenting and demonstration paper production.

Bring your kids and have them make a piece of paper, watermarked by Pinocchio!

 Guided and informative tours on the hour, 3 days a week.

Driving to the museum in castella PietraBuona

Hesperidarium - Il Giardino degli Agrumi

The Hesperidarium, Il Giardino degli Agrumi,

 is a Citrus Garden with over 200 citrus trees from around the world.

A nice walk or short bike ride from Alma Toscana.

Museo Civico Palazzo Galeotti

Some humble museums have just one great work of art that make it work going to: this has 2 pre-renaissance paintings, forgotten by the Uffizi, that are definitely worth seeing if you like this marvelous and overshadowed period.

Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti

Early 20th Century sculptures and related works of local artist Libero Andreotti (1875 ~ 1933), honorably exhibited in the medieval Palazzo del Podestà, also known as the Palagio.

Pinacoteca di San Michel