Collodi & Pinocchio

Not far from Alma Toscana is the village of Collodi, home of Pinocchio

It is a small neighborhood of Pescia in a mountain valley of its own that has Pinocchio Park, Villa Garzoni Garden, a Butterfly House and an unusual medieval castella which traverses a steep ridge into the forrest. 5 minutes away.

Villa Garzoni Garden, Collodi, Pescia, Tuscany.

Villa Garzoni Garden in Collodi.
Pinocchio Park is across the street.

Pinocchio Park

Parco di Pinocchio / Pinocchio Park

Delightful for kids and adults!

It was created as an experiential, educational theme park for children not a tech amusement park — and an art garden for adults.

Our most famous world citizen is Pinocchio, created in 1881 by the Florentine author Carlo Lorenzini.  His pen name, Carlo Collodi, was adopted because of nostalgic childhood times he spent in Collodi with his family.

Pinocchio Street Festival & San Bartolomeo

August 23/24th is the festival of Saint Bartholomew, patron saint of Collodi.

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Followed by the Pinocchio Street Festival Senza Fili (Without Strings) with lots of street entertainment, local specialties, and great fun for all.

Villa Garzoni Garden & The Butterfly House

Included in the price of admission to Pinocchio Park is the grand 17th century garden of Villa Garzoni, and the Butterfly House.

Fairytale Path

There is an lovely walking trail along an old mule path called “La via della fiaba” (Fairytale Path) connecting Pescia and Collodi, traversing the mountain ridge through olive groves and gardens

It is also part of  "Il Cammino di San Jacobo", the path of Saint Jacob.

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