Explore Nearby Tuscany

Florence ~ Firenze

Nothing more needs to be said about Florence, other than its less than an hour from Alma Toscana, by train or car.

Do not drive to Firenze unless you really have to. Parking in Firenze is a nightmare, ZTL - limited traffic areas are everywhere, policed and heavily fined, so we strongly suggest taking the train if possible. 

Florence's principal train station, Santa Maria Novella, is right in the heart of town. Trains are frequent and affordable. 


LUCCA is one of the most loved and fascinating cities in Italy, and a perfect place to spend an enriching day walking about. The historic center, aesthetically preserved within the surrounding tree lined ramparts, is a almost completely free of cars. (Yes, park outside the walls, or better yet, take the train or bus.) 

Lucca has been an economic and cultural center for over 2000 uninterrupted years, so  the fabric of its civilization is very rich and rewarding to everyone that visit. Etruscans, Romans, Longobards, Ashkenazys — followed by every European colonial power —have come with great desires.

Lucca is a music capital of Italy, especially during the Lucca Summer Festival. Jazz Donna is noteworthy too. It is the birthplace of Puccini, Bocherini and Catalani. 




Lucca hosts the annual Lucca Comics and Games Festival at the end of October, the largest of its kind in Europe. It's a blast!


Lucca is circa 30 minutes from Alma Toscana, by car, train or bus.


9 minutes south of Pescia is Montecarlo, a hilltop medieval town famous for its DOC wines and DOP olive oil. 

The annual wine festival is at the end of August.




Tuscany has 3 National Parks, 120 wilderness areas and an extraordinary concentration of UNESCO natural and heritage destinations.

 A terrific day trip would take you through Pietra Santa, the UNESCO Global Geopark Alpi Apuane (explore the caves!) and Carrara of marble fame.

Northwest of Alma Toscana is the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park with alpine peaks, dramatic landscapes and fascinating cultural history.

UNESCO MaB Man & Biosphere Reserve

And many more.


Once one of Italy's most powerful maritime republics, it's perhaps too famous just for its amusing “Torre Pendente”, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

There are actually many great things to see, like the Cathedral, Duomo di Pisa, in front of the faulty tower, Piazza dei Miracoli, Miracles Square, fascinating legacy of Galileo Galilei, and many more milestones from a very rich history. It was even captured in 860 by the Viking Björn Ironside!


45 minutes by car or an hour by train.


One of Tuscany's least known cities of art with cloisters, many churches, rich architecture and a charming cathedral square, Piazza del Duomo.

The Roman Empire's route north to Germany went straight through Pistoia!


AT to Pistioa-Piazza Duomo

Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia / Zoological Gardens of Pistoia

Pistoia Blues Music Festival 

Every July in the Piazza del Duomo.


Definitely not a tourist destination and too frequently skipped, Prato has great things to see like the dazzling cycle of frescoes by Filippo Lippi in the Duomo di Prato, the excellent Museo del Tessuto / Textile Museum, or if you prefer contemporary cutting edge culture, to the Centro Pecci Prato - Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci.

If the crowds of tourists in Florence and Chiantishire overwhelm you, Prato is a good getaway first stop.

Sienna, San Gimignano, Volterra

If towns were paintings, these three would be the most unique triptych.

Alma Toscana to Volterra, San Gimignano, Sienna

@ The Sea       

Livorno (Leghorn)

Livorno is the most important modern maritime city of Tuscany and a gateway to the pleasures of the Ligurian Sea. 

Alma Toscana to Livorno ~ Melafumo Trattoria

This is one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Livorno.

And check out the Aquarium.


Versilia refers to a magnificent stretch of Tuscan coastline between Viareggio and Massa-Carrara with wonderful sandy beaches and a Riviera lifestyle. 

Alma Toscana to Forte di Marmi is roughly a 45 minutes drive.

The Cinque Terre, only reachable by train or boat, is north of La Spezia, and to the south, Grosseto, Maremma and the Tuscan Archipelago.